24 December 2011

Birmingham Oratory

F. John Peter Cooke

Was born about 1818, was educated at S. Edmund’s, Ware, and at the English College, Rome, under the rectorship of Nicholas Wiseman. While at Rome, he was a member of the Little Oratory and used to visit the hospitals. Owing to his own poor health, he was for some years a professor at a college in France.

   Newman described him in a chapter address of 1878:

   ‘He was a religious, well-educated priest, as his books in our library show; a theologian and a good ritualist, but a stranger to us, and a friend of Dr Wiseman’s, he was in a consumption and came to die in the Oratory. He was with us 14 months from first to last. We shortened his noviceship, and he died a triennial [on 12 November 1850]. He was buried at S. Wilfrid’s, near Alton Towers.’
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