24 December 2011

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Pastoral Activities

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Home Visits for the Housebound  Please do not hesitate to contact the Oratory if you would like a priest to bring the sacraments to an ill and housebound parishioner.

Hospital Chaplaincy  Access by Catholic Chaplains to hospital information about Catholic Patients has become difficult in recent years. If you, or a friend or relation, are going into hospital, and would like a Chaplain to visit, please inform either your Parish Priest or the relevant hospital chaplain to make sure they discover that you are there.

Prison Chaplaincy  The Fathers of the Oratory act as assistant Chaplain to HMP Winson Green, and offer Mass there regularly. If you are interested in dedicating some time each week to visiting the prison, please make contact with F. Paul Chavasse at Oratory House.

Oratory District Visitors  (Chaplain: F. Gregory Winterton)  If you are able-bodied with some time on your hands and would like to support and visit the housebound, please consider joining the ODV. They meet together on the first Tuesday of the month at 11.30 am at Oratory House.

Society of S. Vincent de Paul  (Chaplain: F. Philip Cleevely)  Can you spare a couple of hours a week to help the lonely, the sick, the aged and the deprived? The SVP meets together on Thursdays at 8 pm in the Oratory House. Contact Miss Geraldine McCarthy at the time of the meeting, or via Oratory House.

Legion of Mary  (Chaplain: F. Gregory Winterton)  The local ‘Praesidium’ of the Legion of Mary meets every Wednesday at 7 pm at Oratory House. The apostolate includes door-to-door calling and prayer for the lapsed. New members welcome - please contact the President, Mrs Patricia Healey, at a meeting, or via Oratory House.

Oratory Lourdes Group (GOBS)  An active group in the Parish, raising funds for taking poor children to Lourdes each summer. If you would like to enquire about going to Lourdes, or if you could offer material assistance or help with raising funds, contact Mrs Maggie O'Rourke or Mrs Mary Rooke, via Oratory House.

Social Events  The Lower Cloister Hall is open every Sunday after 8.30 and 10.30 am Mass for refreshments, with a small charge to cover costs. This is a good opportunity to meet or speak with the Fathers and members of the Parish. Fund raising social events, also held in the Cloister Buildings, include coffee mornings, skittles evenings, a Christmas bazaar and party, Carnevale (on Shrove Tuesday) and occasional lunches for the elderly.
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